YVAA Grand Prix Races 2019

Who can run a YVAA GP race? Eligibility flowchart.
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Final Points Tables

Note: Due to the very late cancellation of GP race 9 at Cleckheaton (Spenborough), points for that race were awarded to all previous GP 2019 competitors on an average basis, regardless of the number of races done, i.e. number of points awarded = total points achieved divided by races done. 


Unfortunately and inevitably, this has resulted in a number of runners reaching the required minimum amount of races to be counted towards prizes and some positions have chaged - which would have happened had the race taken place anyway.  Without the ability to predict who would or wouldn't have turned out for the last race, this was the fairest solution.


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Individual Women
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Individual Men
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Note:  2019 GP results and tables will remain on this page until the end of the year or until we have enough GP races in the 2020 schedule to warrant publishing.

1. Middleton Park

Saturday, 23 March @ 11:00 

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2. Honley

Sunday, 14 April

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3. Kirkstall

Tuesday, 28 May

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4. West Park, Leeds

Thursday, 13 June

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5. West Vale, Greetland

Wednesday, 26 June

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6. Roundhay

Wednesday, 10 July @ 19:30

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7. Bingley

Tuesday, 23 July @ 19:30

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8. Halifax 

Wednesday, August 7 @ 19:30

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9. Spenborough (cancelled) 

Sunday, November 10 @ 11:02

Grand Prix 2020 One-off Registration

IMPORTANT!  On the day registrations no longer accepted.

On the day registrations for Grand Prix races were scrapped in 2018.  This continues indefinitely.  Everything else remains the same.  A one-off series registration must be received online at least 12 hours before your first intended race.  The change was necessary due to time available, resources and a vastly increasing number of runners, particularly on evening races.


The one-off registration for the 2020 race programme will be available 3 weeks before the first race of the new year via a form which will appear below.  You need not register until your first race approaches.  For example if your first race will be race 3 you do not need to register until race 2 has passed.  Your registration will then last the rest of the GP series.


See below also for GP rules and ​Race Organizer downloads.


Grand Prix Rules and Scoring System
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YVAA Grand Prix Race Organizers' Info

Race organizers from clubs hosting the Grand Prix races are invited to download any of the following.


Templates to publish information about your race.

Download and amend Exhibit 1 (replace highlighted text with your own information) or Exhibit 2 (click and type your info over tags), save and send your file back to the Secretary for the website.​

Exhibit 1
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Exhibit 2
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The most important factor in producing fast and accurate results is the neatness of the written results at the finish line.  These sheets each show a grid for 25 finishers where times OR vest numbers should be recorded.  A separate set for each duty is recommended.

Results Sheets
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Here's a helpful document outlining the requirements for staging an efficient Grand Prix race.

Race Organization Information
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The following notice should be displayed at race HQ.

Age Category Notice
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UK Athletics now require us to send in an accident/incident report for all such occurrences at a race.  This can be done online (from the RunBritain website) or by sending the following linked form by post.

Accident/Incident Report Form
Accident form cover.pdf
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