Virtual Grand Prix Results

Back in the darkest days of the pandemic, all races were cancelled and exercise was limited to one run a day in your local area. In areas where the police enforced the rules, travelling further afield, or pausing during your exercise to cool down or refuel, or just staying out for a bit too long could land you a fine. Plus there was the risk of catching Covid.

It was in these circumstances that YVAA launched the Virtual Grand Prix. This was Jason Newell’s brain-child, designed to keep our runners connected, provide as sense of purpose to our training, and to offer a chance to compete within lockdown rules; many thanks to Jason for making this happen and the substantial amount of work he put into it.

Each month there was a set distance for our athletes to run as a solo time-trial on a local route of their choice. Athletes tracked their runs using GPS watches and phones, and submitted their performances. These were then ranked by WMA age-graded, effectively handicapping the competition by age and sex, and the top man and woman scored 200 points each, second man and woman 199 points, and so on. When lockdown rules eased, many runners kept submitting their times each month to complete the series. Their best nine points scores over the year were then added up to give them their total score.

With 317 athletes submitting at least one time over the year, there isn’t space to give the full results here, but you can find every last detail in our Virtual GP spreadsheet. In this post, we’ll just highlight our top performers.

Top 10 Men

Chris Ireland (Sheffield RC, M60) won the men’s competition, dropping just a single point with 1799/1800. His best age-grade came in March, when his 29:09 for 5 miles was worth 90.68%.

In second place was Stephen Rennie (City of Hull AC, M65), with 1783 points. Stephen got the better of Chris in February and April, and peaked with an 18:56 5k for 87.94%.

Jed Turner (Sheffield RC, M60) came third, just 1 point behind Stephen on 1782. His best performance was his 29:45 5 Mile time for 88.85%.

PosNameClubCatScoreJan (5k)Feb (10k)Mar (5 Miles)Apr (10 Miles)May (1 Mile)Jun (5k)Jul (10k)Aug (1500m)Sep (5 Mile)Oct (10 Mile)Nov (1 Mile)Dec (5k)
1Chris IrelandSheffield RCM6017990:17:4789.78%2000:38:2685.34%1990:29:0990.68%2001:02:2786.26%1990:05:1089.35%2000:18:0987.97%2000:38:4384.72%1970:04:5287.67%2000:29:2989.66%2001:06:1682.04%1990:05:2087.19%2000:18:2487.50%200
2Stephen RennieCity of Hull ACM6517830:18:5687.94%1990:39:4487.37%2000:32:0886.93%1981:05:0087.82%2000:06:0679.78%1940:19:5384.49%1980:40:2485.93%2000:05:4877.59%1950:32:1586.61%199         
3Jed TurnerSheffield RCM6017820:18:5084.78%1980:38:5684.25%1980:29:4588.85%1991:06:5680.48%1930:05:2684.97%1990:19:4581.52%1910:41:0180.70%1930:04:5687.16%1990:32:1282.87%1951:05:4382.73%2000:05:2685.58%1990:19:5380.97%195
4Robert CassySheffield RCM4017710:16:3284.07%1960:33:3283.95%1970:26:4985.52%1970:57:5080.32%1920:04:5980.60%1960:16:3584.42%1970:35:1380.55%1920:04:5675.34%1900:28:1781.08%1930:57:4480.46%1980:05:0678.76%1980:16:4084.00%199
5Stuart DunbarSaltaire StridersM5517630:20:1477.68%1790:38:4683.06%1950:30:3185.09%1961:02:1185.02%1970:05:5776.75%1820:19:0982.68%1920:38:5583.51%1960:05:0683.01%1980:31:2683.35%196   0:06:0275.69%1950:19:0582.97%198
6Graham JusticeCity of Hull ACM5017420:19:5775.69%1670:38:4179.66%1880:30:2082.03%1901:03:2279.77%1910:05:3378.38%1910:17:5884.04%1950:37:2782.29%1950:06:0566.03%1690:30:4481.62%1941:08:1674.68%1960:05:5474.29%1930:18:2782.48%197
7Charlie GoodwinYork Knavesmire HarriersM4517130:17:4379.59%1860:36:3278.28%1860:29:4877.57%1831:01:1976.38%1850:05:1178.14%1900:17:5878.48%1860:37:3876.62%1890:04:5875.84%1920:39:3558.86%1731:04:5272.79%1910:05:1677.53%1970:17:2381.78%196
8William AllanTadcaster HarriersM7516990:25:1074.50%1580:47:3781.41%1930:37:4683.27%1931:18:1881.27%1940:07:0477.12%1830:22:3583.03%1930:47:2981.64%1940:06:3376.84%1940:38:1483.78%197         
9Gordon WalmsleyYork Knavesmire HarriersM4516810:18:0278.84%1850:37:4576.38%1800:32:2671.84%1531:04:1473.51%1770:05:2375.85%1790:18:5175.42%1790:40:4271.42%1760:05:1073.55%1860:31:0575.55%1901:03:5574.50%1950:05:3174.62%1940:18:3177.32%193
10Mark HarneyYork Knavesmire HarriersM5516710:20:5575.14%1620:42:5675.00%1700:34:4774.65%1711:10:4174.79%1810:05:5177.49%1860:21:0274.72%1750:47:0968.29%1690:05:4073.82%1870:35:3073.15%1871:11:1174.27%1940:05:5776.19%1960:19:5079.24%194

Chris Ireland at the Cross Country Championship 2019. Photo by Lionel Wolstenholme.

Chris Ireland, holding off another City of Hull Athlete (Jim Harlock), at the Cross Country Champs in 2019

Top 10 Women

Winning lady Sue Haslam (Scarborough AC, F65) was without any doubt the star performer of the series. She not only scored the maximum possible 1800 points, but also broke the 90% barrier every month of the year. With 100% being roughly equivalent to world record pace for your age and sex, Sue often posted age-grades above 97%, and her July 10k time of 43:05 scored 99.65%. Running that hard outside of a race environment is incredibly difficult, so Sue’s achievement here is staggering.

In second place was Dot Kesterton (Steel City Striders RC, F65), with 1791 points. Dot also broke the 90% barrier as often as not throughout the year, and her best run of 6:25 for 1500m in August had an age-grade of 94.81%.

Yvonne Twelvetree (Totley AC, F70) finished 3rd with 1778 points. Her best performance was her 6:44 1500m time, worth 93.32%.

PosNameClubCatScoreJan (5k)Feb (10k)Mar (5 Miles)Apr (10 Miles)May (1 Mile)Jun (5k)Jul (10k)Aug (1500m)Sep (5 Mile)Oct (10 Mile)Nov (1 Mile)Dec (5k)
1Sue HaslamScarborough ACF6518000:21:2793.24%2000:43:4098.32%2000:34:3897.93%2001:11:2098.71%2000:06:3097.44%2000:20:5097.28%2000:43:0599.65%2000:06:1095.41%2000:35:5894.30%2001:12:0497.71%2000:06:4494.06%2000:22:0691.70%200
2Dot KestertonSteel City StridersF6517910:23:3688.21%1980:52:1684.66%1960:37:3992.78%1991:22:4987.66%1990:07:0093.57%1990:23:1689.47%1990:48:0292.12%1990:06:2594.81%1990:38:4190.31%1991:24:4385.70%1990:07:1290.97%1990:23:1989.28%199
3Yvonne TwelvetreeTotley ACF701778   0:52:0686.24%1980:40:4886.89%1981:29:2382.49%1950:07:1392.15%1980:23:5688.23%1980:53:5683.31%1960:06:4493.32%1980:44:5380.17%1941:32:1481.23%1970:07:4487.50%1970:25:5782.47%198
4Shirley OglesbyEast Hull HarriersF6517700:24:0285.44%1960:49:1588.49%1990:40:4084.63%1951:25:2783.66%1960:07:3486.56%1960:24:4184.33%1950:50:5286.99%1980:06:5687.74%1950:43:1680.74%196   0:07:2288.91%1980:25:2981.69%196
5Pat GoodallTotley ACF651768   0:50:0783.21%1920:39:5083.93%1941:20:0186.71%1980:07:3083.11%1910:23:3484.87%1960:50:4983.24%1950:06:3288.52%1970:40:4482.08%1981:24:1682.34%1980:07:1885.39%1950:24:2481.97%197
6Madeleine StansfieldDewsbury RRF6517580:25:2679.69%1920:51:1883.69%1940:42:1180.40%1881:30:1579.21%1870:07:2985.97%1940:23:4386.58%1970:51:2984.66%1970:06:4688.42%1960:42:1081.62%1971:39:4371.69%1900:07:2786.35%1960:25:4579.74%195
7Barbara LeeBaildon RunnersF6517090:25:5277.32%1860:55:1876.49%1800:45:4573.08%1711:27:3679.20%1860:07:4480.60%1880:24:4280.97%1930:51:0782.75%1940:06:4885.05%1940:41:2680.69%195   0:07:3783.15%193   
8Kate ScottSteel City StridersF5517090:23:3175.19%1830:46:2280.63%1880:36:4880.57%1901:18:3477.96%1850:06:2385.38%1930:22:3779.07%1890:48:0777.69%1870:06:3477.16%1880:38:5776.12%1921:28:5268.92%1890:07:2473.65%1860:23:2376.48%193
9Mags BeeverStainland Lions RRF401695   0:41:1176.85%1820:32:0778.52%1851:05:1979.25%1880:05:3879.88%1850:19:1180.02%1900:43:3072.76%1810:05:1280.45%1920:33:2575.46%1911:11:0872.77%1910:05:4379.59%191   
10Helen ArmitageStainland Lions RRF5516940:24:2372.52%1730:48:1476.50%1810:38:0976.76%1821:20:1575.33%1800:06:3681.31%1890:22:4877.56%1870:47:5776.96%1850:06:3276.28%187   1:21:0174.61%1950:06:3283.42%1940:22:3679.13%194

Yvonne Twelvetree at the Cross Country Championship 2019. Photo by Lionel Wolstenholme.

Yvonne Twelvetree, at the Cross Country Champs 2019

Well done to everyone who got out there and got their runs in, even when it was challenging to do so. We hope the competition helped you to keep sharp, or at least active, through lockdown, and gave you a sense that even when we’re apart we can still do things together.


We didn’t have a clubs competition as part of the Virtual Grand Prix series for 2021, but we’ll be announcing a new series for 2022 very soon, with club rankings included. So just for fun, and to give you a taste of how this will work, here’s how the club rankings would have looked based on the 2021 Virtual Grand Prix performances. Obviously if this had been a competition, other runners might have run extra runs, and the results could have looked very different, so don’t take any of this too seriously; it’s just an illustration.

Mixed Teams

The Mixed Teams ranking will let clubs compete based on their breadth of talent across all vets’ demographics. Here, a club’s score will be the total of its best athlete’s score in each of six age categories: M35-49, F35-49, M50-59, F50-59, M60+, F60+.

If we’d ranked clubs like this in 2021, Steel City Striders would have come out on top, with a team made up of Darren Barnett (M45), Jacqui Herring (F45), Jonathan Legon (M55), Kate Scott (F55), Dave Beech (M65), and Dot Kesterton (F65).

York Knavesmire’s team would have come second, and would have consisted of Charlie Goodwin (M45), Anna Marshall (F40), Mark Harney (M55), Pauline Foot (F55), Michael McGrath (M70), and Jane Morby (F60).

In third place we would have had Saltaire Striders, with Paul Parkins (M40), Heather Bayliss (F40), Stuart Dunbar (M55), Urmila Mistry (F55), Mohanlal Mistry (M60), and Sylvia Ross (F70) all scoring for their club.

See below for the top 5 mixed teams, or the Virtual GP spreadsheet for the full rankings. In 2022’s series, do encourage club-mates to take part to fill in any gaps in your team!

PosClubTotal ScoreM35-49F35-49M50-59F50-59M60+F60+
1Steel City Striders9,920Darren BarnettM451,580Jacqui HerringF451,588Jonathan LegonM551,624Kate ScottF551,709Dave BeechM651,628Dot KestertonF651,791
2York Knavesmire Harriers8,425Charlie GoodwinM451,713Anna MarshallF40796Mark HarneyM551,671Pauline FootF551,537Michael McGrathM701,134Jane MorbyF601,574
3Saltaire Striders7,829Paul ParkinsM401,339Heather BaylissF40509Stuart DunbarM551,763Urmila MistryF551,429Mohanlal MistryM601,257Sylvia RossF701,532
4Holmfirth Harriers7,129Jon BurdonM45869Julia JaggerF35379Kevin DessoyM551,634Dawn BerryF551,416Rob KerseyM701,518Karen SinkinsonF601,313
5Sheffield RC6,997Robert CassyM401,771Rachel RoseF35471Nicholas WatsonM501,509Rebecca PierceF551,447Chris IrelandM601,799  

Age Categories

Each of the six age categories used for the Mixed Teams ranking above will also have its own team competition, with a club’s best three athletes in that category to count. Here’s how the top 3 in each category would have looked in 2021 based on Virtual Grand Prix performances (only teams with three runners included). Again, see the Virtual GP spreadsheet for the full rankings.


PosClubTotal Score1st Scorer2nd Scorer3rd Scorer
1York Knavesmire Harriers3,592Charlie GoodwinM451,713Gordon WalmsleyM451,681Chris GregoryM40198
2Hyde Park Harriers3,475Michael VargasM351,619Chris SmithM451,617Richard EdwardsM45239
3Sheffield RC3,213Robert CassyM401,771Paul McWhirterM40722Gareth irvineM40720


PosClubTotal Score1st Scorer2nd Scorer3rd Scorer
1Steel City Striders4,616Jacqui HerringF451,588Christine BoothF451,531Sarah PercivalF401,497
2Abbey Runners2,373Lisa StansbieF451,667Julia SheerF45592Lisa PersicoF45114
3York Knavesmire Harriers2,306Anna MarshallF40796Hayley JacksonF40777Emma HartleyF40733


PosClubTotal Score1st Scorer2nd Scorer3rd Scorer
1Holmfirth Harriers4,346Kevin DessoyM551,634Adam SunderlandM501,488Michael HallM551,224
2Saltaire Striders3,501Stuart DunbarM551,763Robert BoughenM55967Martin FillinghamM50771
3Baildon Runners3,380Nigel ShawM551,457Dave LonsdaleM551,398Chris BurkeM50525


PosClubTotal Score1st Scorer2nd Scorer3rd Scorer
1Steel City Striders4,073Kate ScottF551,709Joanne BattersbyF551,581Kate MorrisF55783
2Sheffield RC3,853Rebecca PierceF551,447Sara CorkerF501,446Elaine ShortridgeF50960
3York Knavesmire Harriers3,410Pauline FootF551,537Jenny SteeleF551,160Teresa HuntleyF55713


PosClubTotal Score1st Scorer2nd Scorer3rd Scorer
1Sheffield RC4,962Chris IrelandM601,799Jed TurnerM601,782Robert PearsonM651,381
2Steel City Striders3,409Dave BeechM651,628Richard PeggM60897Michael InghamM70884
3Saltaire Striders2,761Mohanlal MistryM601,257Alun GriffithsM60803Frank MasleyM70701


PosClubTotal Score1st Scorer2nd Scorer3rd Scorer
1Steel City Striders4,845Dot KestertonF651,791Nicole NieldF651,683Sheena WoodheadF701,371
2Baildon Runners3,844Barbara LeeF651,709Denise JohnsonF601,569Jackie WaltersF70566
3Holmfirth Harriers3,415Karen SinkinsonF601,313Elaine StewartF601,051Elaine StewartF601,051

As noted above, we didn’t have club competitions in 2021, so this is all just for fun, to whet your appetite, and to encourage you to get organised within your club. Watch this space for more details of our 2022 competition, which will be announced shortly.

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