Club Affiliation

We invite all clubs within Yorkshire that are affiliated to England Athletics to also affiliate to YVAA. The fee for 2024 is £20, and this can be paid online.

Affiliation entitles all club members who are also affiliated to England Athletics and aged 35+ to take part in all YVAA competitions, including our Grand Prix race series, our Championships. See below for a list of affiliated clubs.

Please note that there are individual race entry fees in addition to the affiliation fee. For our Grand Prix series, athletes can register for £4 and then enter races individually for £6.75 (or register and pre-enter to get a discounted rate). For our championships, which take place at open events, the standard race entry fee applies.

Individual Affiliation

Individuals who live within Yorkshire and are members of a club affiliated to England Athletics can also affiliate to YVAA on an individual basis, even if their club is not Yorkshire-based, provided they are individually affiliated to England Athletics. The individual affiliation fee for 2024 is £10. This gives the individual the same benefits as members of affiliated clubs enjoy, as described above.

Before affiliating as an individual, please check our list of affiliated clubs to see whether your club has already affiliated or is intending to!

We do not offer individual affiliation to those living outside Yorkshire, based on place of birth or any other criteria. If you live elsewhere then to be eligible to compete you must be a member of a Yorkshire-based club. This is intended to cover those who might belong to a Yorkshire-based club but live just over the county boundary, or who lived here previously so have ties to the area but have now moved away.

Affiliate Now!

Eligibility for prizes begins at the time of affiliation; it does not apply retrospectively to events completed prior to affiliation. If you or your club affiliate part-way through a multi-event series, only your performances after affiliation will count towards the series. So affiliate early!

Affiliated Clubs 2024

As clubs affiliate for 2024, they will be listed below.

Affiliated Individuals 2024

Affiliated individuals will be listed here.

Anastasia Lincoln (Idle AC); Brian Rogers (Ripon Runners); David Burrows (Northern Masters AC); Geoff Beattie (Sale Harriers); Peter Harris (Ely)