5k Championship 2022

Venue: EvenSplits York 5k (October)

Race Date: October 21st, 2022. Start time 19:00.

The 2022 5k championship was run as part the EvenSplits race at the University of York Sport Village Cycle Circuit on October 21st. Races here involve 4-and-a-bit laps of the perfectly flat outdoor cycle track. This makes for fast times and a great race for supporters to spectate at.

Anyone entered as a member of a YVAA-affiliated club was automatically entered into our championship, along with any individually affiliated runners. (See our membership page for a list of clubs and individuals affiliated for 2022.)

There were two start waves at this race, based on expected finish times, which were collected as part of the entry process. Overall category positions were based on the fastest times across both start waves.

There was no prize-giving on the night, so we’ll try to get trophies to our winners at future events. Given the torrential rain, it would have been unrealistic to expect many people to hang around after the race anyway.

We had some great times and some very tight races, the closest of which was in the M45 category where Justin Wilson took the title ahead of Paul Howard by just 6 tenths of a second. As ever, congratulations to all of our winners.

Thanks again to Martin Browne for welcoming us to his event.

Clubs Table

Club 1st 2nd 3rd
Bingley Harriers & AC 3 2 0
Roundhay Runners 2 0 1
Saltaire Striders 2 0 0
City of York AC 1 1 0
Rothwell Harriers & AC 1 0 1
York Knavesmire Harriers 1 0 1
Vale of York Athletic Community 1 0 0
Abbey Runners 1 0 0
Baildon Runners 1 0 0
Valley Striders AC 1 0 0
Ilkley Harriers AC 0 2 0
Pocklington Runners 0 1 0
Beverley Athletic Club 0 1 0
Pontefract AC 0 1 0
Roberttown Road Runners 0 0 1
Leeds City Athletic Club 0 0 1


Pos Name Club Time
1 Hannah Parmley Roundhay Runners 26:48
2 Helen Grainger Pocklington Runners 31:09


Pos Name Club Time
1 Helen Wilkinson York Knavesmire Harriers 19:35


Pos Name Club Time
1 Harriet Rogers Roundhay Runners 25:38
2 Caren Crabtree Bingley Harriers & AC 28:00


Pos Name Club Time
1 Lesley Watson Bingley Harriers & AC 18:55


Pos Name Club Time
1 Suzanne Hague Saltaire Striders 27:16


Pos Name Club Time
1 Denise Johnson Baildon Runners 26:29


Pos Name Club Time
1 Daryl Hibberd Valley Striders AC 17:34


Pos Name Club Time
1 Robert Cumming Abbey Runners 17:30
2 Steven Asquith City of York AC 17:39
3 Stephen Wood Roberttown Road Runners 17:59


Pos Name Club Time
1 Paul Howard Ilkley Harriers AC 17:47
2 Justin Wilson Rothwell Harriers & AC 17:47
3 Innes Young Roundhay Runners 18:25


Pos Name Club Time
1 Colin Walker Bingley Harriers & AC 17:21
2 Jonathan Turner Ilkley Harriers AC 18:24
3 Jason Westmoreland Rothwell Harriers & AC 18:39


Pos Name Club Time
1 Ian Martin Vale of York Athletic Community 18:06
2 Paul Crabtree Bingley Harriers & AC 18:20
3 Richard Walker York Knavesmire Harriers 18:23


Pos Name Club Time
1 Stuart Dunbar Saltaire Striders 18:13
2 Kevin Waite Pontefract AC 19:37
3 Trevor Clough Leeds City Athletic Club 20:11


Pos Name Club Time
1 David Lancaster City of York AC 20:07


Pos Name Club Time
1 Donald Johnson Bingley Harriers & AC 25:04
2 Peter Watkinson Beverley Athletic Club 25:23


Pos Name Club Time
1 Geoffrey Howard Beverley Athletic Club 22:48

4 comments on “5k Championship 2022

    1. All athletes who are YVAA affiliated, either via membership of an affiliated club or by individual affiliation, are automatically included in the championship.

      Pocklington is affiliated for 2022, so all you need to do is enter the race.

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