Grand Prix Series

Each year, we organise a Grand Prix series of up to 10 multi-terrain races of approximately 10k. Each one is organised as a specialist veteran race by one of our associated clubs. These races frequently have over 200 runners, and are a great social as well as competitive outing, with refreshments and a prize-giving following each race and an awards evening at the end of the year. See below for our 2024 fixture list.

All runners must be over the age of 33 on race day. To run and count in the Grand Prix races you must be a member of a club that is affiliated to the Yorkshire Veterans Athletic Association, or affiliated as an individual yourself. For details of how to affiliate, see our Membership page. Runners aged 33 or 34 will run as guests and so will not be eligible to score points until they are a fully fledged vet of 35.

Grand Prix Registration / Numbers

Eligible athletes can register for the series and enter races online. There is no entry on the day unless you have a race entry voucher you’ve won at a previous race. From 2024 our races will be chip timed by EvenSplits. Entry will cost £10 for your first race, which covers the cost of your race number with timing chip, then £6.75 for subsequent races, or £6 if you enter additional races when you register. Registration without entering a race is charged at £4, and your first race will then be £6.75.

You will be issued with a new number when you attend your first race of the series. This number should be kept and worn on the front of your vest for all subsequent races in the current series. This number is for Grand Prix races only; don’t use it for Championship races! Please look after your number between races, as damaged timing chips occasionally aren’t read by timing mats, and there’s a cost to replace them.

You must also wear an age category label (showing e.g. F35, or M50), on the back of your vest. These can be obtained from race HQ. Non-scorers should not wear an age category label. Please note that club vests must be worn!


Points are award in each Grand Prix race as follows:

The first man, regardless of age category, is awarded 250 points. The second man is awarded 249 points. And so on.

The first lady, regardless of age category, is awarded 250 points. The second lady is awarded 249 points. And so on.

No points are awarded for non-scorers, as the name suggests.

Your age at the date of the first race in the series determines your age category for the overall points for the season in Grand Prix awards. For 2024, that is the Honley race on 28/4/24.

If you change age category during the season you become eligible for the new category in individual Grand Prix races but remain in your ‘start of season’ category for the ‘Season GP Awards’.

N.B. This paragraph does not apply to Championship races this is only for GPs!

If you are 34 at the start of the season you may run as a guest, but you aren’t eligible for prizes or points until you turn 35. Once you turn 35 then you are eligible for individual race prizes and your points are counted from then on, both for the overall Season Awards and towards your club’s team points.

Team Awards

All individual Grand Prix races are scoring races for the team awards.

The annual team awards are:

  • Men, first 4 to count (aggregate points for the first 4 male finishers from a club)
  • Men, rest to count (aggregate points for all male finishers from a club outside the top 4)
  • Men, all to count (aggregate points for all male finishers)
  • Ladies, first 4 to count (aggregate points for the first 4 female finishers from a club)
  • Ladies, rest to count (aggregate points for all female finishers from a club outside the top 4)
  • Ladies, all to count (aggregate points for all female finishers)

Note: For annual team awards, no competitor can contribute to the winning of more than one prize. E.g. a club winning the four-to-count trophy cannot win the all-to-count trophy, yet can win the rest-to-count trophy.

Individual Awards

  • Prizes are awarded in each category at each race.
  • Trophies are awarded in each category at the end of the series. The number of scores to count towards the overall standings depends on the number of races in the series. In a series of 10 races or more, your best 6 scores will count. In a series of 8 or 9 races, your best 5 scores will count. In a series of 5, 6 or 7 races, your best 4 scores will count. In shorter series, all scores will count. The minimum number of races required to qualify for an award is the greater of (a) the number of scores to count minus one, or (b) 4.

Prior to races, keep in touch with your club rep, who will have greater details on each race, including directions. If details of any race have to be changed, your club rep will be informed.

2024 Fixtures

We have 9 confirmed races in our Grand Prix series for 2024, but expect to have 10 in total. We hugely appreciate our host clubs; the race series couldn’t happen without them. If you think your club could organise a race, please review the race organisers’ documents page, and get in touch via our contact form.

EventHost ClubVenueDate
Race 1Holmfirth HarriersHonley28.04.24
Race 2Kirkstall HarriersKirkstall Abbey28.05.24
Race 3Morley RCTBC11.06.24
Race 4South Leeds LakersMiddleton Clearings19.06.24
Race 5Pudsey PacersPost Hill30.06.24
Race 6Northowram PumasNorthowram11.07.24
Race 7Stainland LionsWest Vale21.07.24
Race 8Slaithwaite StridersSlaithwaite Cricket & Bowling Club11.08.24
Race 9Ackworth RRFitzwilliam Country Park06.10.24