GP 2022: Race Entry, Littlemoor Park

Race Date: Tuesday 23rd August, 2022

To enter the Littlemoor Park GP race, which is part of our 2022 Grand Prix series, please use the form below. Entry costs £5 in advance. This race is pre-entry only; entry on the day will not be available.

You must register for the series before you can enter. If your name isn’t an option on the Athlete select field on this form, that means you either haven’t registered for the series yet, or you’ve already entered this race. Check the list of registered athletes and the Littlemoor Park GP entry list if you aren’t sure.

Online entries will close when places are sold out or on Sunday 21st August.

On the day of the race, please check in at the entry desk even if you have a number for the series from a previous race, i.e. don’t just go straight to the start line. This for safety reasons, so we know exactly who’s gone out onto the course and can check everyone’s made it back safely.