GP 2022: Registered Athletes

All athletes registered for the 2022 Grand Prix series are shown below. You can use the search box to filter the list by name, category, or club.

You must register for the series before you will be able to enter any races. See here for series registration and race entry details.

Age category for the series is based on age at our AGM on May 22nd. If you’ll have a birthday between now and then, the list below will reflect that.

509 registrations found.

Name Category Club
Adam Emery M35 South Leeds Lakers RC
Adam Firth M35 Bramley Breezers
Adam Gallagher M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Adam Moger M45 Kirkstall Harriers
Adam Sunderland M50 Holmfirth Harriers
Adam Theakston M40 Dewsbury RR
Adrian Martin M50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Aileen Baldwin F70 Stainland Lions RR
Alan Mahony M50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Alan Pickard M60 Northowram Pumas RC
Alan Sykes M70 Northowram Pumas RC
Alan Waistell M55 Leeds & Bradford Tri Club
Alasdair Menmuir M40 Steel City Striders
Alice Buttle F35 Meltham AC
Alison Dace F50 Bramley Breezers
Alison Ogle F40 Farsley Flyers
Alistair Settle M50 Affiliated Individual
Alun Griffiths M60 Saltaire Striders
Alyson Blakeley F45 Roundhay Runners
Anastasia Lincoln F65 Affiliated Individual
Andrea Douglas F45 Bramley Breezers
Andrew Dobby M50 Harrogate Harriers
Andrew Dovernor M50 Queensbury RC
Andrew Forsyth M60 Doncaster AC
Andrew Johnson M60 York Knavesmire Harriers
Andrew Jones M40 Rothwell Harriers
Andrew Mackrill M45 Stainland Lions RR
Andrew Mellor M40 Northowram Pumas RC
Andrew Meskell M50 Skyrac AC
Andrew Paterson M55 Queensbury RC
Andrew Price M40 Baildon Runners
Andrew Tams M55 Bramley Breezers
Andrew Tams M55 Bramley Breezers
Andrew Tudor M45 Northowram Pumas RC
Andrew Warrender M50 South Leeds Lakers RC
Andy Brown M50 Saltaire Striders
Andy Flynn M50 Northowram Pumas RC
Andy Norman M50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Andy Thorp M50 Farsley Flyers
Angela Benson F55 Affiliated Individual
Angela Hall F40 Spenborough & District AC
Ann Francis F55 Rothwell Harriers
Anna Harrold F35 Chapel Allerton Runners
Anna Sweeney F45 Horsforth Harriers
Anne Lewis F80 Roundhay Runners
Anthony Waring M50 Holmfirth Harriers
Anthony Weston M45 Bramley Breezers
Baldish Sandhu F55 Kirkstall Harriers
Barney Lerner M70 Saltaire Striders
Becki Johnson F35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Becky Lawrence F40 Horsforth Harriers
Ben Golding-Smith M40 Stainland Lions RR
Ben Senior M45 Rothwell Harriers
Beth Bray F35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Bev Elliott F45 Horsforth Harriers
Beverley Horsfield F45 Vale of York AC
Brad Strutt M35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Brenda Peake F45 Airecentre Pacers
Brenda Peake F45 Airecentre Pacers
Brendan Foley M40 Horsforth Harriers
Brian Clink M45 Roundhay Runners
Brian Colman M60 Northowram Pumas RC
Brian Harrold M35 Chapel Allerton Runners
Brian Hilton M70 Leeds City AC
Brian Shaw M55 Rothwell Harriers
Bruce Duncan M70 Bingley Harriers
Carl Heron M60 Queensbury RC
Carl Prendergast M75 Horsforth Fellandale
Carl White M35 Queensbury RC
Carol Moran F60 Kirkstall Harriers
Carol Ramsden F60 Horsforth Harriers
Carole Clifford F55 Rothwell Harriers
Cat Bruckner F40 Saltaire Striders
Cat Daniel F35 Stainland Lions RR
Catherine Gray F60 Horsforth Harriers
Cathy Martin F50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Charles Mortimer M40 Chapel Allerton Runners
Charlotte Taylor F50 Queensbury RC
Chris Campion M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Chris Hall M35 Stainland Lions RR
Chris Holdsworth M55 Baildon Runners
Chris Lane MS Northowram Pumas RC
Chris Smith M45 Hyde Park Harriers
Chris Williams M35 Queensbury RC
Christine Cliffe F45 Stainland Lions RR
Christopher Green MS Vale of York AC
Christopher Taylor M70 Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Cirilo Palenzuela M60 Crossgates Harriers
Claire Easton F45 Rothwell Harriers
Claire Moss F40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Claire Smyth F40 Farsley Flyers
Clare J Smith F40 Stainland Lions RR
Clare Miller F40 Farsley Flyers
Clare Southern F50 Horsforth Harriers
Clayton Cutter M40 Stainland Lions RR
Colin Bainbridge M60 South Leeds Lakers RC
Colm McCann M50 Ilkley Harriers
Coralin Harrison F75 Harrogate Harriers
Damien Pearson M40 Stainland Lions RR
Dan Marsden M40 Stainland Lions RR
Daniel Smith M50 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Daniel Stafford M35 Stainland Lions RR
Daniella Hembra F45 Chapel Allerton Runners
Danny Coffey M40 Hyde Park Harriers
Darran Ward M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Darren Barham M35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Darren Burnley M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Darren Calvert M35 Bramley Breezers
Darren Keighley M45 Pudsey Pacers RC
Darren Reece M40 Stainland Lions RR
Dave Hudson M65 Stainland Lions RR
David Booth M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
David Bower M55 Saltaire Striders
David Brooks M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
David Collins M50 Stainland Lions RR
David Harling-Semmence M35 Bramley Breezers
David Ingle M55 Halifax Harriers
David Leaf M70 Saltaire Striders
David Lonsdale M55 Baildon Runners
David Mellor M45 St Theresa’s AC
David Morley M65 St Theresa’s AC
David Rafton M40 Farsley Flyers
David Sullivan M50 Bramley Breezers
David Womersley M65 Horsforth Harriers
Dawn Medlock F60 Stainland Lions RR
Debbie Hall F45 Holmfirth Harriers
Debbie Norris F45 Dewsbury RR
Demelza Bottomley F40 Northowram Pumas RC
Denise Johnson F60 Baildon Runners
Dick Spendlove M75 Stainland Lions RR
Dinesh Kaulgud M45 Valley Striders
Dom Charkin M45 Farsley Flyers
Dominic Camponi M35 Dewsbury RR
Dominic Samways M35 Chapel Allerton Runners
Don Harrison M55 Bramley Breezers
Don Johnson M65 Bingley Harriers
Dot Carr F75 Affiliated Individual
Ed Hyland M35 Stainland Lions RR
Edward Revell M45 Spenborough & District AC
Eileen Mannion F55 Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Elizabeth Williams Naylor F70 Roundhay Runners
Elizabeth Yewlett F65 Holmfirth Harriers
Ellie May F40 Northowram Pumas RC
Elodie Minazzi F35 Dewsbury RR
Emer Dudley F55 Roberttown Road Runners
Emil Andrews M45 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Emily Berg F40 South Leeds Lakers RC
Emma chadwick F35 South Leeds Lakers RC
Emma Longfellow F40 St Theresa’s AC
Fiona Waterhouse F40 Horsforth Harriers
Fiona Willis F60 Stadium Runners
Frances Whitworth F50 Holmfirth Harriers
G Mark Richardson M60 Dewsbury RR
Gareth Knight M40 Stainland Lions RR
Gareth Millard M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Gary Oates M55 Vale of York AC
Gary Rowling M35 Queensbury RC
Gary Western M60 Saltaire Striders
Gavin Foster M35 Stainland Lions RR
Gavin Mulholland M50 Stainland Lions RR
Gerard Skippins M45 Spenborough & District AC
Gina Williams F45 Airecentre Pacers
Gini Knight F60 Horsforth Harriers
Glenn Thornton M65 Queensbury RC
Glenn Thornton M65 Queensbury RC
Gordon Crawford M65 Hyde Park Harriers
Graham Prince M50 Bramley Breezers
Graham Rhodes M55 Queensbury RC
Graham Robertshaw M60 Northowram Pumas RC
Hayley Kelly F50 Stainland Lions RR
Hazel Fenton F40 Horsforth Harriers
Heather Bayliss F40 Saltaire Striders
Heather Ellis F50 Dewsbury RR
Heather Moffat F50 Stainland Lions RR
Helen Armitage F55 Stainland Lions RR
Helen Fagg F45 Horsforth Harriers
Helen Hudson F55 Stainland Lions RR
Helen Love F60 Saltaire Striders
Helen Wells F35 Dewsbury RR
Helen Western F50 Saltaire Striders
Helena Croft F35 Holmfirth Harriers
Hilary Taylor F45 Pudsey Pacers RC
Ian Goulding M55 Holmfirth Harriers
Ian Griffiths M45 Horsforth Harriers
Ian Hoskins M55 Stainland Lions RR
Ian Johnson M55 Stainland Lions RR
Ian Martin M55 Vale of York AC
Ian Robinson M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Ian Shipley M50 Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Ian Wilson M45 Spenborough & District AC
James Clark M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
James French M35 Saltaire Striders
James Lyner MS Bramley Breezers
Jamie Hill M40 Roberttown Road Runners
Jamie Westwood M50 Stainland Lions RR
Jane Cole F45 Stainland Lions RR
Jane Prust F60 Hyde Park Harriers
Jane Squire F50 Horsforth Harriers
Janet Bower F55 Saltaire Striders
Janet Hartley F60 Rothwell Harriers
Janine Lee F50 Crossgates Harriers
Jean Shotter F60 Holmfirth Harriers
Jeannette Boote F45 Roberttown Road Runners
Jenna Rymer FS South Leeds Lakers RC
Jenny Cooper F45 North Leeds Fell Runners
Jenny Harrison F35 Horsforth Harriers
Jessica McMullan F40 St Theresa’s AC
Jim Harris M45 Stainland Lions RR
Jim Wheldon M70 Baildon Runners
Jim Whittaker M50 Abbey Runners
Jo Heaton FS Roundhay Runners
Jo Heseltine F55 Rothwell Harriers
Joanna Mingham F60 Kirkstall Harriers
Joanne Hawden F55 Rothwell Harriers
Joanne Horan F40 Queensbury RC
Joanne Sunderland F45 Roundhay Runners
Joanne Ward F50 Farsley Flyers
Jodie Knowles F35 Northowram Pumas RC
John Bassinder M65 Stainland Lions RR
John Cawley M65 Baildon Runners
John Convery M60 Bingley Harriers
John Cottam M65 Stadium Runners
John Ingles M50 Stainland Lions RR
John Langley M50 Northowram Pumas RC
John MacPhail M40 Dewsbury RR
John Pop M60 Pudsey Pacers RC
John Robson M45 St Theresa’s AC
John Ward M70 Abbey Runners
Jon Boote M50 Roberttown Road Runners
Jon Ding M55 Northowram Pumas RC
Jonathan Brearley M45 Northowram Pumas RC
Jonathan Eagle M60 Horsforth Harriers
Jonathan Knowles M35 Northowram Pumas RC
Jonathan Paul Collins M45 Stainland Lions RR
Jonathan Taylor M45 Stainland Lions RR
Judith Fox F50 Horsforth Harriers
Julia Thomas F45 Holmfirth Harriers
Julie Beaumont F55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Julie Matthews F55 Horsforth Harriers
Julie Wright F50 Bramley Breezers
Juliette Ward F40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Justyna Felczerek F40 Doncaster AC
Kate Mooney F40 Horsforth Harriers
Kate Walter F60 Baildon Runners
Kath Farquhar F50 Holmfirth Harriers
Katherine Penrose F65 St Theresa’s AC
Katie Jones F40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Keith Johnstone M45 South Leeds Lakers RC
Keith Park M65 Horsforth Harriers
Kelly Heathcote F40 Saltaire Striders
Ken Fox M60 Valley Striders
Kerry Wood F45 Saltaire Striders
Kevin Blake M45 South Leeds Lakers RC
Kevin Nicholas M55 Leeds & Bradford Tri Club
Kevin Ogden M50 Spenborough & District AC
Kevin Watson M75 Horsforth Harriers
Kevin Yewlett M65 Holmfirth Harriers
Kezzie Medford F75 Pudsey Pacers RC
Kieran Pickles M35 Dewsbury RR
Kirk Douglas M55 Bramley Breezers
Kirstie Holmes F45 Horsforth Fellandale
Laura Davis F35 Bramley Breezers
Leanne Clayman F40 Roundhay Runners
Lee Greenhalgh M45 Horsforth Harriers
Lee Hipwell M45 Queensbury RC
Leigh Harvey M45 Farsley Flyers
Leon Severn M35 Stainland Lions RR
Leroy Sutton M60 Valley Striders
Linda Carey F60 Baildon Runners
Lindsay Johnson F50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Lisa Heath F55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Lisa Hirst F40 Northowram Pumas RC
Liz Casey F60 North Leeds Fell Runners
Liz Gribbin F45 Bramley Breezers
Liz Whittaker F55 Abbey Runners
Loretta Robson F55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Loris Dell’Amico M45 Saltaire Striders
Lorraine Naylor F50 Stainland Lions RR
Louis Best M35 Rothwell Harriers
Louise Dell’Amico F45 Saltaire Striders
Louise Gardham F50 Hyde Park Harriers
Louise Kneeshaw F45 Baildon Runners
Louise O’Brien F45 Horsforth Fellandale
Louise Whitehouse F40 Horsforth Harriers
Lucy Collins F35 Stainland Lions RR
Lynn Fletcher F70 St Theresa’s AC
Lynne Barrett F65 Pudsey Pacers RC
Lynne Fallon F65 St Theresa’s AC
Manjit Ahiar F50 Stainland Lions RR
Marc Randall M45 Rothwell Harriers
Margaret Beever F40 Stainland Lions RR
Maria Harron F50 Stainland Lions RR
Marion Muir F45 Horsforth Fellandale
Maris Basko M40 Bramley Breezers
Mariusz Felczerek M40 Doncaster AC
Mark Andrew Smith M45 Horsforth Harriers
Mark Crabtree M60 Halifax Harriers
mark crabtree M60 Halifax Harriers
Mark Doyle M40 Farsley Flyers
Mark Gregory M60 Rothwell Harriers
Mark Henderson M55 Holmfirth Harriers
Mark Orbell M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Mark Pawson M45 Pudsey Pacers RC
Mark Pigford M50 Stainland Lions RR
Mark Pigford M50 Stainland Lions RR
Mark Pottinger M40 Stainland Lions RR
Mark Preston M55 Stainland Lions RR
Mark Whitehouse M60 Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Martin Appleby M65 Rothwell Harriers
Martin Bayliss M65 Meltham AC
Martin Bennett Stanley M35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Martin Critchley M45 Horsforth Harriers
Martin Dearie M45 Dewsbury RR
Martin Fillingham M50 Saltaire Striders
Martin Gebbett M60 Horsforth Fellandale
Martin Lee M50 South Leeds Lakers RC
Martin Love M60 Saltaire Striders
Martin McCleave M55 Horsforth Harriers
Martin Nee M55 Affiliated Individual
Martin O’Brien M60 Stainland Lions RR
Martin Robson M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Matt Livesey M35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Matt Thornton M35 Queensbury RC
Matthew Blakeley M50 Roundhay Runners
Matthew Hunt M45 Pudsey Pacers RC
Matthew Pattison M40 Stadium Runners
Maureen Coffey F70 Roundhay Runners
Melanie Hunter-Steele F45 St Theresa’s AC
Melvin Thompson M50 Roberttown Road Runners
Mervyn Silva M65 Saltaire Striders
Mervyn Silva M65 Saltaire Striders
Michael Coe M55 Queensbury RC
Michael Haran M40 Baildon Runners
Michael Hartley M45 Affiliated Individual
Michael Lunn M55 Lindley Running Club
Michael Malyon M40 Baildon Runners
Michael Vargas M35 Hyde Park Harriers
Michael Yeadon M60 Horsforth Harriers
Michelle Eyres F60 Saltaire Striders
Michelle Parker F35 South Leeds Lakers RC
Michelle Rogerson F45 Stainland Lions RR
Michelle Rushby F50 Stainland Lions RR
Michelle Wilson F40 Dewsbury RR
Mike Dearden M40 Chapel Allerton Runners
Mike Hartley M50 Northowram Pumas RC
Morag Fowler F45 Roundhay Runners
Morgana Hartley F55 Horsforth Harriers
Neal Edmondson M35 Horsforth Harriers
Neil Dutton M45 Holmfirth Harriers
Neil Marsh M45 Northowram Pumas RC
Neil Midgley M70 Holmfirth Harriers
Neil Musgrove M35 Vale of York AC
Neil R Barker M50 Spenborough & District AC
Neil Wallace M45 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Neil Windle M50 Queensbury RC
Nial Bullett M45 Affiliated Individual
Niamh Jackson F40 North Leeds Fell Runners
Nicholas Charlesworth M55 Wharfedale Harriers
Nicholas Cross M50 Drighlington Dynamos RC
Nick Bird M35 Farsley Flyers
Nicola Barnett F45 Horsforth Harriers
Nicola Cartwright F40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Nicola Henderson F40 Vale of York AC
Nicole Bushby F45 Bramley Breezers
Nigel Armitage M50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Nigel Crossfield M55 Halifax Harriers
Nigel Fuller M45 St Theresa’s AC
Nigel Paul Shaw M55 Baildon Runners
Nigel Taylor M50 Lindley Running Club
Nikki Eastwood F50 Roundhay Runners
Nikki Smith F50 Farsley Flyers
Oliver Gregory M40 Farsley Flyers
Patrick Bean M50 Farsley Flyers
Patrick Nesden M70 Kirkstall Harriers
Paul Armitage M60 Stainland Lions RR
Paul Bennett M60 Bramley Breezers
Paul Brown M55 Rothwell Harriers
Paul Butterfield M60 Stainland Lions RR
Paul Corns M50 Stainland Lions RR
Paul Dewhirst M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Paul Gaile M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Paul Greenwood M40 Queensbury RC
Paul Grist M55 South Leeds Lakers RC
Paul Hayhurst M45 Dewsbury RR
Paul Hiley M55 Stainland Lions RR
Paul Murgatroyd M55 South Leeds Lakers RC
Paul Patrick M55 Stainland Lions RR
Paul Stockdale M45 Northowram Pumas RC
Paula Johnston F55 Bramley Breezers
Paula Pickersgill F50 Stainland Lions RR
Pauline Thorp F60 Horsforth Harriers
Penelope Robinson F70 Roundhay Runners
Pete Downes M55 York Knavesmire Harriers
Peter Ellerton M75 Bingley Harriers
Peter Hey M65 Kirkstall Harriers
Peter Reason M50 Roberttown Road Runners
Phil Burton M55 Roundhay Runners
Phil McMahon M40 Dewsbury RR
Philip Ashley Ramsden M60 Horsforth Harriers
Philip Hewitt M35 Holmfirth Harriers
Philip Jones M65 Baildon Runners
Philip Lonsdale M55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Philip Wilkins M40 Drighlington Dynamos RC
Phillip Moyles M45 Stainland Lions RR
Rich Allen M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Rich Wilkinson M50 Rothwell Harriers
Richard Brook M45 Queensbury RC
Richard Dawson M55 Bramley Breezers
Richard Godden M50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Richard Hand M40 Stainland Lions RR
Richard Harrison M40 South Leeds Lakers RC
Richard Herrington M40 St Theresa’s AC
Richard Thomas M60 Kirkstall Harriers
Richard Varley M35 South Leeds Lakers RC
Richard Walker M45 Airecentre Pacers
Rikki Hammond F55 Stainland Lions RR
Rob Greenland M45 Chapel Allerton Runners
Rob Kersey M70 Holmfirth Harriers
Robert Booth M35 Lindley Running Club
Robert Haigh M50 Dewsbury RR
Robert Samuels M60 Pudsey Pacers RC
Rosemary Ann Bavinton F60 Baildon Runners
Roy Huggins M55 Valley Striders
Ruth Muir F40 St Theresa’s AC
Ryan Barker M45 Halifax Harriers
Sally Anne Speight F55 Roberttown Road Runners
Sally Caton F45 Stainland Lions RR
Sally Robinson F50 Baildon Runners
Sam Chapman F40 St Theresa’s AC
Samantha Cripps F50 Dewsbury RR
Samantha Rowley F50 St Theresa’s AC
Samantha Taylor F35 Kirkstall Harriers
Sandy Gee M60 Stainland Lions RR
Sara Lewis F35 Meltham AC
Sarah Anderton F55 Baildon Runners
Sarah Milnes F45 Dewsbury RR
Sarah Morley F45 St Theresa’s AC
Sarah Norman F50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Sarah Papadimos F55 Horsforth Harriers
Sarah Seymour F50 Dewsbury RR
Sarah Tolkin F35 Rothwell Harriers
Sarah Turner F55 Pudsey Pacers RC
Sean Scanlon M45 Kirkstall Harriers
Sharon Brown F45 Baildon Runners
Sharon Reason F45 Roberttown Road Runners
Shaun Casey M50 Northowram Pumas RC
Shelagh Hopkinson F65 Baildon Runners
Shirley Walker F70 Horsforth Harriers
Simon Brady M55 Queensbury RC
Simon Cleaver M40 Northowram Pumas RC
Simon G Jones M50 Abbey Runners
Simon Garside M55 Rothwell Harriers
Simon Rawnsley M50 Stainland Lions RR
Simon Wilkinson M35 Northowram Pumas RC
Stacey Cleal F50 Queensbury RC
Stacey Goodyear F45 St Theresa’s AC
Stephen Fitz-Costa M55 Halifax Harriers
Stephen Hall M35 Stainland Lions RR
Stephen Hetherington M60 Saltaire Striders
Stephen Pattison M60 Pudsey Pacers RC
Stephen Pratt M45 Vale of York AC
Stephen Skidmore M65 Denby Dale AC
Steve Carter M70 Keighley & Craven AC
Steve Hallam M60 Stainland Lions RR
Steve Wood M65 Horsforth Harriers
Steven Asquith M40 City of York AC
Steven Boocock M55 Bramley Breezers
Steven Clayton M50 Farsley Flyers
Steven Woods M60 South Leeds Lakers RC
Stewart Nichol M40 St Theresa’s AC
Stuart Dunbar M55 Saltaire Striders
Stuart Shepherd M40 Chapel Allerton Runners
Stuart Tattersfield M50 Roberttown Road Runners
Stuart Tattersfield M50 Roberttown Road Runners
Sue Harrison F65 Rothwell Harriers
Susan Lewis F45 Roundhay Runners
Suzanne Noon F40 Bingley Harriers
Suzanne Waterhouse F50 Bramley Breezers
Suzy Beck F40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Tanya Shepherd F35 Horsforth Fellandale
Theresa Tate F35 Dewsbury RR
Tim Brook M40 Holmfirth Harriers
Tim Dean M45 Dewsbury RR
Tim Holt M40 Steel City Striders
Tim Neville M60 Stainland Lions RR
Tim Spencer M65 Saltaire Striders
Tim Spencer M65 Saltaire Striders
Tom Bysouth M940 Abbey Runners
Tom Murphy M35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Tom O’Reilly M40 Northowram Pumas RC
Tom Rogerson M40 Abbey Runners
Tom Trousdale M35 Bramley Breezers
Tony Daniels M60 Meltham AC
Tony Smith M60 Bramley Breezers
Tony Smith M60 Bramley Breezers
Tracey Gallagher F35 Pudsey Pacers RC
Ursula Clarke F55 Baildon Runners
Valerie Pell F65 St Theresa’s AC
Vicki Hipkiss F55 Kirkstall Harriers
Vicky McCreadie F40 Bramley Breezers
Victoria Brides F35 Horsforth Harriers
Victoria Hough-Jones F35 Farsley Flyers
Violet Gill F60 St Theresa’s AC
Warren Dennison M55 Roundhay Runners
Wasim Hussain M35 Queensbury RC
Wendy Chapman F60 St Theresa’s AC
Wendy Mundy F50 Farsley Flyers
Wendy Murgatroyd F55 South Leeds Lakers RC
William Overton M70 Pudsey Pacers RC