Photo Policy

We try to use race photos extensively across the website, because they add colour and life to what we do.

We’re incredibly grateful to all those who give their time to take photos at events and then make them freely available. We will always try to give credit for images we use. Photos are often published in places that imply that they’re free to use, so we may not always consult you before publishing your images, especially if you’ve indicated in the past that you’re happy for us to do so. But if we’ve used your photos and you’d rather we didn’t, please contact us and if necessary we’ll remove them.

We also hope that our athletes will appreciate the visual archive of our events that we’re building. However, we understand that race photos aren’t always what’s conventionally thought of as flattering, and that some people have complex feelings around their appearance and exercise. We will only ever publish images that we think show you in the best light, doing something amazing, but if you’d like us to remove images of you then just let us know and we will.