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The YVAA promotes running events for veteran athletes in Track & Field, Road, Multi-terrain, Fell and Cross Country. 


These events include an annual Grand Prix Series and a programme of Championship races, catering for women and men over 35 who are members of England Athletics affiliated clubs within Yorkshire or who are members of other clubs but live in Yorkshire.  See the About Us page for more.


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see more on About Us page. 

YVAA Fell Championship

The YVAA Fell Championship 2021 will take place on Sunday, November 7th at Cop Hill. Many thanks to Meltham AC for hosting. See their club website and Facebook event page for details.

YVAA Half Marathon Champs Result

WE have managed to go through all the results and sort out the YVAA winners, apart that is for M35 as they have not included this as a category in the online results. We only have what they gave us on the day so hope that is correct.


If you were an M35 runner and have been missed out let me know.


F35 - 1st Ruth Blackburn, Barnsley Harriers, 1:58:25; 2nd Sarah Padfield, EHH, 1:58:34; no 3rd.


F40 - 1st Hannah Storm, York Knavesmire, 1:43:11; 2nd Kerry Whitehead, Bridlington R, 1:49:04; no 3rd


F45 - 1st Carol Fee, EHH, 1:36:41; 2nd Kirsty Wilson, EHH, 1:41:19; 3rd Rebecca Clifton, Bridlington RR, 1:49:04


F50 - 1st Sara Harrison, Selby Str, 1:53:27; 2nd Julie Salvidge, EHH, 1:59:54; 3rd Tracey Ashton, EHH, 2:10:47


F55 - 1st Jan Suddaby, EHH, 1:53:48; 2nd Trish Kaye, Dewsbury RR, 1:59:24; 3rd Sheila Walker, Beverley, 2:04:55


F60 - 1st Ann Allen, EHH, 1:54:13; 2nd Helen Love, Saltaire Str., 2:00:57; no 3rd


F65 - 1st Sue Haslam, Scarborough, 1:37:08; 2nd Jackie Hardman, Beverley, 1:56:18; 3rd Madeleine Stansfield, Dewsbury RR,1:58:17


M35- 1st Matthew Snow, Cof Hull, 1:12:03; 2nd Robert Weeks, EHH, 1:12:51; 3rd Gary Cousens, EHH, 1:16:07


M40 - 1st Simon Bishop, Beverley, 1:25:01; 2nd Darren White, EHH, 1:25:31; 3rd Phillip Mitchel, Longwood H, 1:27:27


M45 - 1st Matthew Hayes, EHH, 1:20:49; 2nd Simon Partridge, York Postal Harriers, 1:31:39; 3rd Richard Stanton, EHH, 1:32:10


M50 - 1st Adrian Bushby, Cof Hull, 1:23:54; 2nd Paul Crabtree, Bingley H, 1:24:51; 3rd Richard Harrison, Selby Str., 1:31:45


M55 - 1st Jim Harlock, Cof Hull, 1:25:08; 2nd Gary Fee, EHH, 1:33:24; 3rd Gary Forrester, EHH, 1:41:32


M60 - 1st Colin Fletcher, Easingwold, 1:28:24; 2nd John Escrit, Cof Hull, 1:38:03; 3rd Charlie Robinson, Beverley, 1:43:13.


M65 - 1st Paul Cartwright, Cof Hull, 1:33:58; 2nd David Butt, EHH, 1:50:05; 3rd Peter Watkinson, Beverley, 1:52:36.


M70 - 1st Neil Scruton, Scarborough, 1:39:20; 2nd Rob Kersey, Holmfirth H, 1:50:02; 3rd Keith Pailing, Rothwell, 2:05:38


Some trophies were collected by the winner, some by other members of your club and some not collected at all. If you won a trophy and did not collect it first ask to see if someone else in your club collected it for you. If you know you were missed off the results on the day, then let me know.


All the trophies not collected will be brought to every YVAA event in the future and displayed on a table as we did last Sunday, where they can be collected by you or a member of your club.

YVAA Committee Dropping Like Flies!

We have lost another long term member of the Committee.

Tim Cock who I think can be said to one of the founder members of YVAA and who was Secretary and trophies procurer for many years and then Chairperson for many more, has decided that, as he is no longer able to run and is now approaching 80 years old, that it is time for him to leave the YVAA Committee.

Once again I am sure you would all echo my thanks to Tim for his many years of work for and support of YVAA.

One other aspect we will all miss is ability to speak over the hubbub at presentations without the use of a PA system. One of the loudest voices in Athletics!

This has of course exacerbated our already depleted Committee situation. I am now acting as temporary chair (hopefully), contact for affiliation matters (though our Treasurer, Thomas Sharp will deal with reminders and payment), Trophies and Race Numbers Procurer and Depository (formerly Tim C) and of Course Secretary and Admin of this group.

As you can see we desperately need new 'blood' to come on board and help with the admin tasks and running of the Association.

To recap previous posts we now need:
- Membership Secretary
- Someone to look after trophies / medals / numbers
- Entry and Results helpers (could have a team to lessen load)
- General Committee Members to help at events.

Please think seriously about whether you could help, or eventually YVAA will be forced to fold!

Virtual GP Results: April

The Virtual GP results for April are now confirmed. You can download them here. Thanks again to Jason Newell for organising this.


Last month's distance was 10 Miles, not an easy distance for a solo time-trial, so well done to everyone who completed it.


Congratulations to Stephen Rennie of City of Hull who had the best score among the men. As an M65, his 1:05:00 was worth an age-grade of 86.95%. This result leaves him just 1 point behind leader Chris Ireland from Sheffield Running Club in the overall standings.


However, the stand-out performance came from Scarborough AC's W65 Sue Haslam, whose time of 1:11:20 earned her a 98.72% age-grade. Sue stays top of the women's table with a perfect score of 800 points after four rounds.


The virtual race distance for May is 1 Mile. If you work in metres or are running on a track, please remember that's 1609m and run the full distance. Good luck, and enjoy!

Virtual GP Results: March

Results for the March leg of the YVAA Virtual GP are now out. This event will see participants run a different virtual race distance each month throughout 2021. Points are awarded based on age-graded percentage scores, so all age groups can compete equally. A runner's best nine points scores will count towards their final total for the series.

After three rounds, Sheffield Running Club continues to dominate the men's competition. Chris Ireland (M60) sits in first, with Jed Turner (M60) third and Robert Cassy (M40) fourth. Only City of Hull's Stephen Rennie (M65) is intruding on the podium positions to prevent an SRC clean sweep.

Sue Haslam (Scarborough) leads a trio of W65s at the top of the women's standings, ahead of Shirley Oglesby (East Hull) and Dot Kesterton (Steel City Striders). Sue's very impressive 34:38 5 mile time in March was worth a 96.55% age-grade.

Many thanks to Jason Newell for organising. An immense amount of work has gone into producing the results, which can be seen in full here.

If you're taking part, your distance for April is 10 miles. Enjoy...

New Membership Secretary Needed

Will Allan, who has been Chairperson / Membership Secretary of YVAA for several years and a member of the Committee for 17 years has decided it is time for him to retire.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to say that it has been a privilege and pleasure to work with Will and thank him for all the many hours he has put in at Committee meetings, GP's and Championship events. In all that time I've never know him say a bad word about anyone and he always remained calm even in sometimes trying conditions, when problems occurred at mainly Championship events.

Will hopes to still take part in some events in his home area so you may still see him at some races in the York / Tadcaster area.

This means of course that we need another member on the Committee. We meet about 4 times per year, on Zoom at the moment but in each members area by turn in normal times.

Committee members are also expected to help at the Results / Prize giving at GP's, when available, and also some of the Championship events.

If anyone would be interested in coming on to the Committee and putting something back into the organisation of YVAA then please post our Facebook Group page, Message me or contact me by email robhh1950@gmail.com.

Rob Kersey

YVAA Secretary

YVAA Virtual Races 2021

The YVAA Virtual races are going to continue all the way through 2021, irrespective of whether actual proper mass participation events are allowed to start again or not.


We are changing the format slightly so that in 2021 you will only have one distance to cover each month (not two as in 2020). The distances will change each month so for January it will be 5K and February 10K.


Hopefully lots of you will be able to find time, especially as the evenings lighten, to run one Virtual Race each month.


You will have to Register just once for the whole year (free of charge) and then submit your best time for that month, towards the end of the month, when a link to provide your result will be given on the YVAA website and the YVAA Facebook group.


Jason will again be posting each month's age graded results as previously but this time there will be a year long Championship. You will have to submit a minimum of 9 results from the 12 months possible. Your best 9 months counting if you submit more than 9.


It is hoped that this will allow people to complete enough results for the series even allowing for the odd injury, illness or dare I say holiday!!!!!!.


Even though the entry is free we are going to supply medals for this Championships.


If we are allowed, then small groups could meet to do a staggered start race together. Chasing or trying to keep ahead / hang onto others always makes you run faster.


For full details, and a registration form, please go here.

YVAA Events: Announcement


This message has been sent to all clubs that were affiliated in 2019 and / or who have affiliated this year so far.


Given the Government statement on Mar 16, that everybody should try and avoid ‘the office’, pubs, clubs, social gatherings and all but essential travel, YVAA have reluctantly taken the decision that we have to suspend the YVAA GP Series for 2020.

This means that at the very least this Saturday's event at John Charles' Stadium (hosted by South Leeds Lakers) and the event at Honley on the 19th April (hosted by Holmfirth Harriers) are postponed.  It is very likely that events in May and June, at the very least, will also have to be postponed.

Updates will be emailed, posted on Facebook Group and put on website but please assume that events are off unless informed otherwise.

We are obviously very sorry for this situation but in the circumstances do not see that we have any choice in the matter.


It is hoped that host clubs will either be able to rearrange some of the events later in the year, if we get the all clear, or else run them in 2021.

Road Championship events that are included in open events will be up to the event organisers regarding whether they take place or not.


We hope you and all your members come through this crisis and hope to see you all in the not too distant future.




Rob Kersey, YVAA Secretary

16.March 2020


on behalf of YVAA Committee




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All entrants to the Grand Prix races must be over the age of 33.  Runners of age 33 and 34 will be guests for their affiliated clubs and will not be eligible to score points until they are a fully fledged vet of 35.  See the Grand Prix page for all rules and regulations.

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