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The YVAA promotes running events for veteran athletes in Track & Field, Road, Multi-terrain, Fell and Cross Country. 


These events include an annual Grand Prix Series and a programme of Championship races, catering for women and men over 35 who are members of England Athletics affiliated clubs within Yorkshire or who are members of other clubs but live in Yorkshire.  See the About Us page for more.


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2020 Affiliations

Subscriptions are now due for this year's affiliation, both for clubs and individual members.


Please see Membership Page for details

Facebook Group Created

A new private group has been created to back up the official website by "pushing" information out to members who would not necessarily look on here every day, and to encourage dialogue, comments and enquires.  Details of how to register can be found at https://www.Facebook.com/groups/3189196357821902/ 


All important information will continue to be shown here in its simplest no-nonsense format.

Grand Prix

Schedule/registration form for the multi-race Grand Prix series beginning on 21.March


Schedule for all championship races

About the YVAA

Meet the committee and admin team.

Contact details available.


List of affiliated clubs for this year


GP and championship results from years gone by

Tweets from Yorks Vets Athletics @YVAA_plus35s

Don't forget...

All entrants to the Grand Prix races must be over the age of 33.  Runners of age 33 and 34 will be guests for their affiliated clubs and will not be eligible to score points until they are a fully fledged vet of 35.  See the Grand Prix page for all rules and regulations.

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