GP Series: Registered Athletes

All athletes registered for the 2023 Grand Prix series are shown below. You can use the search box to filter the list by name, category, or club.

You must register for the series before you will be able to enter any races. See here for series registration and race entry details.

Age category for the series will be based on age at our AGM. Age categories shown below are based on age on April 23rd, but this is provisional. If you’ll have a birthday between now and then, the list below will reflect that.

81 registrations found.

Name Category Club
Aileen Baldwin F70 Stainland Lions RR
Ali Azfar M55 Baildon Runners
Alice Buttle F35 Meltham AC
Amanda Newham F55 Baildon Runners
Andrew Mellor M40 Northowram Pumas RC
Andrew Tudor M45 Northowram Pumas RC
Andy Flynn M50 Northowram Pumas RC
Andy Mace M50 Valley Striders
Angela Hall F45 Spenborough & District AC
Ben Golding-Smith M40 Stainland Lions RR
Bernie Bowden F50 Baildon Runners
Christine cliffe F50 Stainland Lions RR
Christine Gale F45 Stainland Lions RR
Christopher Taylor M70 Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Claire Haigh F35 Stainland Lions RR
Clayton Cutter M40 Stainland Lions RR
Damien Pearson M40 Stainland Lions RR
Dave Culpan M60 Stainland Lions RR
Dave Hudson M65 Stainland Lions RR
Denise Clark F55 Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Denise Johnson F60 Baildon Runners
Denise Ramsden F55 Rothwell Harriers
Diane williams F50 Baildon Runners
Don Johnson M70 Bingley Harriers
Ed Hyland M35 Stainland Lions RR
Elizabeth McDonnell F45 Northowram Pumas RC
Elizabeth Wood F35 Northowram Pumas RC
Ellie May F40 Northowram Pumas RC
Emer Dudley F60 Roberttown Road Runners
Gareth Millard M40 Pudsey Pacers RC
Gavin Mulholland M50 Stainland Lions RR
Gaz Pemberton M45 Todmorden Harriers & AC
Heather Moffat F50 Stainland Lions RR
Helen Armitage F55 Stainland Lions RR
Helen Hudson F55 Stainland Lions RR
Jeannette Boote F50 Roberttown Road Runners
Jim Harris M50 Stainland Lions RR
Jodie knowles F35 Northowram Pumas RC
John Gray M50 Meltham AC
John Langley M55 Northowram Pumas RC
Jon Boote M50 Roberttown Road Runners
Jonathan Knowles M40 Northowram Pumas RC
Jonathan Moon MS Northowram Pumas RC
Jonathan Taylor M45 Stainland Lions RR
Leon Severn M35 Stainland Lions RR
Linda Carey F65 Baildon Runners
Lisa Hirst F40 Northowram Pumas RC
Louise O’Brien F45 Horsforth Fellandale
Luke Cranfield M35 Northowram Pumas RC
Lynne Barrett F65 Pudsey Pacers RC
Manjit Mander M50 Queensbury RC
Maria Chandler F50 Stainland Lions RR
María Harron F50 Stainland Lions RR
Mark Henderson M60 Holmfirth Harriers
Mark Orbell M60 Pudsey Pacers RC
Mark Pottinger M40 Stainland Lions RR
Mark Preston M60 Stainland Lions RR
Martin O’Brien M60 Stainland Lions RR
Mike Dearden M40 Chapel Allerton Runners
Natasha Geere F55 Spenborough & District AC
Neil Marsh M50 Northowram Pumas RC
Nicola York Howe F50 Baildon Runners
Nigel Taylor M50 Lindley Running Club
Paul Armitage M60 Stainland Lions RR
Paul Patrick M55 Stainland Lions RR
Philip Jones M65 Baildon Runners
Rikki Hammond F55 Stainland Lions RR
Robin Tuddenham M50 Todmorden Harriers & AC
Sally Whitwam F45 Stainland Lions RR
Sarah Anderton F55 Baildon Runners
Sarah Hodkinson F50 Northowram Pumas RC
Shelagh Hopkinson F65 Baildon Runners
Simon Wilkinson M35 Northowram Pumas RC
Stephen Hunt M55 Spenborough & District AC
Steve Boom M50 Pudsey Pacers RC
Steve Chambers M40 Northowram Pumas RC
Steve Hallam M60 Stainland Lions RR
Susan Cash F55 Stainland Lions RR
Tim Holt M45 Steel City Striders
Tom O’Reilly M40 Northowram Pumas RC
Warren Dennison M55 Roundhay Runners