Committee Dropping Like Flies!

We have lost another long term member of the Committee.

Tim Cock who I think can be said to one of the founder members of YVAA and who was Secretary and trophies procurer for many years and then Chairperson for many more, has decided that, as he is no longer able to run and is now approaching 80 years old, it is time for him to leave the YVAA Committee.

Once again I am sure you would all echo my thanks to Tim for his many years of work for and support of YVAA.

One other aspect we will all miss is ability to speak over the hubbub at presentations without the use of a PA system. One of the loudest voices in Athletics!

This has of course exacerbated our already depleted Committee situation. I am now acting as temporary chair (hopefully), contact for affiliation matters (though our Treasurer, Thomas Sharp will deal with reminders and payment), Trophies and Race Numbers Procurer and Depository (formerly Tim C) and of Course Secretary and Admin of this group.

As you can see we desperately need new ‘blood’ to come on board and help with the admin tasks and running of the Association.

To recap previous posts we now need:

  • Membership Secretary
  • Someone to look after trophies / medals / numbers
  • Entry and Results helpers (could have a team to lessen load)
  • General Committee Members to help at events.

Please think seriously about whether you could help, or eventually YVAA will be forced to fold!

3 comments on “Committee Dropping Like Flies!

  1. Not sure about the headline, Tim.
    Rob Kersey has updated us in regard to vacant positions mentioned.
    Tim Cock, now 80 attained, will be hugely missed on the YV committee. He was never ‘chairperson’ thank goodness. Chairman, for goodness sake – irrespective.

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