GP 2024 Race 4: South Leeds Lakers

Race Date: Wednesday June 19th, 2024
Race HQ: Phoenix Bar, South Leeds Stadium, John Charles Centre for Sport, Belle Isle, Leeds, LS11 5DJ
Race Start: The Clearings, Middleton Woods, 7pm (number collection from 6pm)

The fourth race of our 2024 Grand Prix series will be hosted by South Leeds Lakers at Middleton Clearings on June 19th.

GP 2024 Race 4: South Leeds Lakers. Photo by Thomas Hazlehurst.



Entry is online only; there is no entry on the day (unless you have an entry voucher won as a prize at a previous race). To enter, you must first register for the series. Fees are £10 for your first race, and £6.75 for additional races (or £6 if you pre-enter them when you register). Entry for this race will close on Monday June 17th.

Race HQ

The Phoenix Bar, John Charles Centre for Sport (LS11 5DJ) (busy.fixed.hiding). Turn right through the main doors of the South Leeds Stadium. Open from 5.30pm. NO MUDDY SHOES.

Car Parking

Please use the overflow car park, which is right at the Roundabout. There will be a sign (flows.native.lists)

Race Start

The Race start is a 5 minute walk so give yourself time and starts on the Clearings (stores.burst.carbon). The Clearings is left for re-wilding apart from mown avenues, so place your flags, kit stores near to the Lakers flag.


Slightly different to the map and previous years we start and finish on the green dot, we do a lap of the clearings, then off into the woods. We return to the clearings at 5k, then do another lap of the woods finishing uphill at the bottom of the clearings.

The course be checked on the day, but recently parts of the course have been very muddy, so good trail shoes are recommended.

There will be marshals and plenty of tape out.



There are showers in the stadium, if you wish to use them please pay the fee at the reception desk.

Buns, tea, coffee and of course beer will be available in the Phoenix Bar.

There will also be a raffle, results, and the prize-giving, with prizes for the first 3 in each 5-year age category plus spot prizes.


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