Affiliated Clubs and Individuals for 2020

It's the time of the year for clubs to pay their 2020 affiliation subscriptions.  Please find below a letter from the Membership Secretary outlining the procedure and details.

Subs Letter
2020fee letter.DOC
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Clubs and Individuals Affiliated as per Mar 9
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Subscription Information and Form

YVAA Affiliation


For the Multi-terrain GP series, clubs must pay before or on the day of the first GP (March 21st) for their points to be counted from the first race.  This is both for individuals and team.  We will allow an individual, at the 1st race, to affiliate their club for £16.00 and this will include their individual entry fee (a bonus offer for affiliating).  If they do not affiliate their club they will be expected to pay the £10 guest entry fee.  After the date of the AGM the Affiliation fee will go up to £20.  Again as a bonus for affiliating on the day the person paying gets free entry for that race.


(Again for GP’s if a club does not affiliate at or before the first race then when they do eventually pay their affiliation they cannot backdate points from previous races that their members may have completed as a guest.)


So please make sure your club pays their affiliation fee before the 1st GP.


Affiliation Form
Affiliation 2020 form.DOC
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