5 Mile Championship 2022

Race Date: Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Host Race: Full Bronte, Haworth

Overall race results can be found on the Keighley & Craven AC website at the following link.

YVAA winners are shown below. We apologise for the delay in producing these results, which was for two reasons:

First, we had problems caused by athletes running wearing someone else’s number. In two categories, we gave prizes to the wrong people on the night because of this. The main reason that number-swapping isn’t allowed is for athlete safety, but it can also mess up results, spoiling competitions for other participants, and create extra work for organisers who have to clear up the mess. Don’t do it! Note that UKA rules prescribe disqualification and disciplinary action for both runners involved when this happens; it isn’t trivial.

Second, we had several runners who failed to tick the box to declare their eligibility for the YVAA championship when entering, then ran fast enough for a podium position. Of course, these runners weren’t in our championship results on the night. The YVAA committee has now discussed this, and agreed that our eligibility criteria are clear and these runners met them, so they should appear in our results. Again this means that some people received the wrong trophies on the night. We won’t attempt to recover trophies awarded in error because of this, but will arrange trophies for those who didn’t receive one but should have.

Apologies again. We’ll make adjustments where we can to improve things at future races.

Ignoring the admin headaches, we had a great race in a beautiful setting on a lovely evening. We also had some tight races in a number of categories (F55, M40, M50, M55, M70), and some quick times. Two performances that jump out are Ruth Thackray’s 34:07 to win the F50 category in the fastest time we’ve had since 2015, and Stuart Dunbar’s 32:04 which makes him our fastest M60 at this race since Geoff Cumber in 2007! Outstanding, both. From a club perspective, it was a great night for Baildon, who won 13 of the 45 prizes, including 4 first places.

Clubs Table

Club 1st 2nd 3rd
Baildon Runners 4 4 5
Bingley Harriers & AC 3 2 2
Queensbury Running Club 3 2 0
Vale of York Athletic Community 2 0 0
Keighley & Craven AC 1 2 0
Saltaire Striders 1 0 3
Steel City Striders RC 1 0 1
Holmfirth Harriers AC 1 0 0
Pudsey & Bramley AC 1 0 0
City of York AC 0 1 0
Halifax Harriers & AC 0 1 0
Spenborough & Dist AC 0 1 0
Wharfedale Harriers 0 1 0
Longwood Harriers AC 0 0 2
Horsforth Harriers 0 0 1


Pos Name Club Time
1 Rachel Pilling Pudsey & Bramley AC 0:33:53
2 Catherine Milner Baildon Runners 0:38:20
3 Katie Jennings Baildon Runners 0:44:55


Pos Name Club Time
1 Nicola Henderson Vale of York Athletic Community 0:34:54
2 Donna Kaznowski Baildon Runners 0:36:49
3 Claire Thaper Saltaire Striders 0:51:53


Pos Name Club Time
1 Sarah O’Sullivan Keighley & Craven AC 0:38:02
2 Stefanie Dickinson Baildon Runners 0:42:54
3 Liz Hamilton Saltaire Striders 0:51:53


Pos Name Club Time
1 Ruth Thackray Bingley Harriers & AC 0:34:07
2 Stacey Cleal Queensbury Running Club 0:38:48
3 Ann Marie Roper Bingley Harriers & AC 0:43:29


Pos Name Club Time
1 Kate Scott Steel City Striders RC 0:40:13
2 Caroline Francis Bingley Harriers & AC 0:41:16
3 Karen Clark Steel City Striders RC 0:41:59


Pos Name Club Time
1 Denise Johnson Baildon Runners 0:46:40
2 Jackie Carter Spenborough & Dist AC 0:47:35
3 Michelle Eyres Saltaire Striders 0:50:50


Pos Name Club Time
1 Shelagh Hopkinson Baildon Runners 0:48:54


Pos Name Club Time
1 Jackie Walters Baildon Runners 0:59:01


Pos Name Club Time
1 Jeff Singleton Baildon Runners 0:34:01
2 Michael Griffiths Keighley & Craven AC 0:37:54
3 Rob Abbey Baildon Runners 0:42:39


Pos Name Club Time
1 Paul Greenwood Queensbury Running Club 0:28:35
2 Marc Sennett Wharfedale Harriers 0:29:07
3 Michael Malyon Baildon Runners 0:29:13


Pos Name Club Time
1 Richard Brook Queensbury Running Club 0:36:08
2 Ben Watson Baildon Runners 0:36:44
3 Duncan Brown Baildon Runners 0:41:43


Pos Name Club Time
1 Graham Askew Bingley Harriers & AC 0:31:42
2 Adrian Thomas Halifax Harriers & AC 0:32:07
3 Paul Crabtree Bingley Harriers & AC 0:32:32


Pos Name Club Time
1 Ian Martin Vale of York Athletic Community 0:32:27
2 Michael Coe Queensbury Running Club 0:33:15
3 Donald E G Kennedy Longwood Harriers AC 0:33:23


Pos Name Club Time
1 Stuart Dunbar Saltaire Striders 0:32:04
2 Dave Potter Bingley Harriers & AC 0:35:44
3 John Buddle Baildon Runners 0:37:29


Pos Name Club Time
1 Shaun Jordan Bingley Harriers & AC 0:35:57
2 David Lancaster City of York AC 0:36:32
3 David Womersley Horsforth Harriers 0:37:59


Pos Name Club Time
1 Rob Kersey Holmfirth Harriers AC 0:40:23
2 Steve Carter Keighley & Craven AC 0:40:51
3 Ian Mitchell Longwood Harriers AC 0:41:13


Pos Name Club Time
1 Stephen Brook Queensbury Running Club 0:45:03

Thanks to Dave Woodhead for again providing great photos as a record of the race.

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