Cross Country Championships 2022 Race Report

YVAA Cross Country Championships, 12th March 2022

Norfolk Heritage Park, Sheffield

This was my last CC Champs as YVAA Coordinator as I have passed the baton on to Chris Ireland and Jed Turner. I have done the job since 2008, 13 Championships and they have all been very enjoyable events. Thanks to all the clubs and club organisers that put on those events over the years, without you, no matter how much I might do, the events would not have taken place.

Well back to this year. First thanks to Richard Pegg and the team from Steel City for hosting the event and to Chris and Jed for taking on some of the roles of YVAA this year.

This was without doubt one of the best events in my years as YVAA coordinator. Fantastic ‘real’ CC course, good underfoot conditions, balmy weather, good facilities in the building with helpful staff, wonderful friendly atmosphere (like all YVAA events) and well organised on the day.

On top, we had the best turn out for years, 262, I think, and the results, as always were produced quickly by Peter Young allowing Presentations to take place without a long wait.

There were a couple of hiccups caused by me combining the 2nd and 3rd race in order to finish well before the café shut at 4.00pm but those are being sorted.

As always it was great to see (and hear) the support around the course and to see runners of all abilities / speeds taking part.

One of the main aims of YVAA is to make our events open to all and this is the reason why we brought in the All to Count categories in our events. As I always say to our club runners “if only the fastest runners took part, events would have very few entries and in fact would not even be financially viable”. Do try to encourage your club members to take part even if they are slow or ‘don’t do CC’.

This year we had an F75 finisher so we will be getting a medal for her and will include this age group next year.

When I started in YVAA our oldest age group for the ladies’ teams was F45+, now we are up to F65+ teams. Similarly in 2008 we had no complete M70+ teams and just one M75 runner. This year we had the full 3 M70+ team winners (15 runners in all, 6 of whom were 75), two teams with over 5 runners. This is a measure of how many runners are going on for longer and we would hope our events have had some bearing on encouraging this.

Next year Chris and Jed will be acting as YVAA coordinators, although I will still be around to help if needed.

We are now looking for a club to take on the event for 2023. The preferred date is this weekend, 2nd weekend in March, as it clears all the other CC events and is before the Road Relays start in April. We are happy to go anywhere in Yorkshire. If you have a good course with a building we can use for Registration and Results / Presentations please get in touch with me at and I will send you details of what the club is responsible for and YVAA is responsible for and pass you over to Chris and Jed to continue the process.

The whole process actually takes almost a year with getting a club and venue sorted early in the process, then the course, 1st aid, licence, entries and information out to clubs about 2 / 3 months before the event.

By the way if your club did not take part, why not? You missed a great event. Put in some teams next year and enjoy the experience.

Regards to All,


Rob Kersey,
YVAA Secretary

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