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The YVAA promotes running events for veteran athletes in Track & Field, Road, Multi-terrain, Fell and Cross Country. 


These events include an annual Grand Prix Series and a programme of Championship races, catering for women and men over 35 who are members of England Athletics affiliated clubs within Yorkshire or who are members of other clubs but live in Yorkshire.  See the About Us page for more.


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Don't forget - from this year onwards all entrants to the Grand Prix races must be over the age of 33.  Runners of age 33 and 34 will be guests for their affiliated clubs and will not be eligible to score points until they are a fully fledged vet of 35.  See the Grand Prix page for all rules and regulations.

Latest update: 2017-02-15 ~ Details for GP1 @ Honley added.

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New Committee Member Urgently Required


The YVAA urgently need a new committee member.



2017 Cross Country Championship
New YVAA CC Race Info 2017.DOC
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Entry Form
YVAA CC 2017 entry form.doc
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As well as reminding you to try and get members of your clubs to take part in the above event, we are looking for those that would be willing to help officiate at the race.  This would be nothing difficult and could be any of the following:

Time keepers and recorders, number recorders and callers, results runners (taking results from finish to computer operator {about 200m} to speed up results process), help at Registration (giving out envelopes containing numbers to team managers).  In all we will need about 12 people.

So if any runners will have friends family that are coming along to support and would be willing to help, that would be great - similarly anyone unable to run but willing to help.

Also any runners in Race 3 (M35 – 49) that would be willing to come early and help out during Race 1 / 2 are also welcome.

Most of the YVAA Committee will be in Race 1 / 2 so could take over once they are finished.

Many thanks,

Rob Kersey, YVAA Secretary

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